Another quiet day

Went out early for a bit of local birding starting at Coate Water. On the flood water were a Green Sandpiper, nine Lapwing and a few Teal and Mallard. The horse field had dozens of Pied and a single Yellow Wagtail. Overhead were Several Swallow, five or six Swifts and a single House Martin. Moving on to Southleaze with a quick look at the new canal at  the new Wichelstowe development. A single Little Grebe and a couple of Mallard on the canal and at Southleaze a dozen more Mallard, two Teal, three Little Grebe and a Sparrowhawk. Final stop was Barbury Castle with Buzzard and Kestrel seen.  The family headed to the Four Pillars at the Water Park for a  very nice Sunday dinner. After a quick look in at Twitchers and Waterhay was worthwhile with thirty-seven Cormorants perched on the rafts. Three Hobbyand singles of Sparrowhawk, Green Sandpiper and Bullfinch were also seen.


2 responses to “Another quiet day

  1. Richard Williams

    Hi Malcolm. I was at Southleaze (the lake) as well yesterday in the afternoon and posted to Steve that I had possibly seen an immature little grebe there: darker and smaller than the juvenile coots and kept diving. I also saw an adult and immature heron. Large flocks of goldfinches on the approach. It will be interesting to see what happens with this site as the development encroaches although progress can hardly be described as rapid.

    • Hi Richard,
      I have tried looking for the plans covering this area but can’t find anything useful. It hasn’t been as good this year due to the high water levels. Last year there were several Greenshank and Sandpipers seen on the muddy margins.Also the reeds are now covering much more of the lake edge.

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