Back home

Arrived home yesterday after a good week on the North Yorkshire coast. We had a cottage in a small coastal village called Runswick Bay, a little way north of Whitby. It wasn’t planned as a birding holiday and apart from a short visit to Bempton Cliffs it was just a case of what was seen wherever we went.  Runswick Bay itself had plenty of Herring Gulls which woke us up every morning calling from the rooftops. Sandwich Terns were frequently in the bay along with Oystercatchers and Curlew on the rocky part of the shore. A few Gannets were also seen from here along with two Razorbills and a single Guillemot. About a dozen House Martins were nesting on the lifeboat station. During a couple of trips onto the Moors we saw Red Grouse, a few Kestrels and very little else. At Bempton there were still large numbers of Gannets nesting, many with young. Apart from a few Fulmars and Kittiwakes everything else had gone back to sea.


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