Quiet Sunday

A quiet day today with no birding, just a drive to my Mums in London. A few Red Kite as usual along the M4 and unusually for London not a sight or sound of a Parakeet, oh joy! A couple of Green Woodpeckers were seen during a visit to Hayes Cemetery. Back home a few of the local House Sparrow flock were enjoying a dust bath in the garden. Other than that some more moths were in and around the house. One was easy, another I think I am right but I haven’t yet hunted for the micro moth.Have to say I quite fancy making a moth trap.

Finally these are now the correct names for these three moths, many thanks to Steve Covey and Dave Brotheridge for their help. Still, I was close with one, miles off with another and didn’t even try for the third!

3 responses to “Quiet Sunday

  1. I have had three comments on this post and have managed to lose them all. So here are some copies of them,
    All of them are from Steve Covey.
    Hi Malc. This is a Small Emerald. The pale lines are smooth as opposed to Common Emerald which has quite erratic, wavy lines and chequered margins. The shade of green can be quite variable too. I have photos of specimens ranging from this vibrant green through to a pale blue-green.
    Not sure if this a Grey Pug Malc. I think it might be a Common Pug. But the pugs are notoriously difficult. I’ll send a copy of your pic to Dave Brotheridge – one of our county experts, to get his opinion.
    This is Acleris forsskaleana, one of the tortrix moths. A nicely marked individual with that heart shaped grey smudge. Ones I’ve caught don’t have that!
    A nice shot too:o)

  2. I spoke to Dave Brotheridge and showed him your pic of the ‘pug’. We were both wrong – it’s not a pug at all! It’s actually a Small Dusty Wave (Idaea seriata) and, as we’ve both discovered, a bit of a pug look-alike!!

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