Glow Worm Survey

Something a bit different this evening, a Glow Worm survey at the Water Park. We met at nine o’clock for a briefing and went out a few minutes before ten. Working in pairs we were allocated a section of the old railway or canal to survey. Our section was the old railway between the Spine Road and South Cerney. With high hopes we set off but apart from a couple of false alarms caused by light reflecting on leaves not a Glow Worm was to be found. On returning to the car we met up with another couple of surveyors who had struck lucky on their section. Rod and I decided to walk along to where they had their sighting and we were rewarded with eight Glow Worms. A good result although it was a shame that we hadn’t found any ourselves. On returning to the centre we discovered that our sector was the only one that drew a blank. Heading home via the back roads, I was hoping for an Owl sighting, but again a blank. What was very noticeable though was the large amount of moths seen, in response to the improvement to the weather. On the subject of moths here is a picture of another one from the house today. I believe it is a Character Moth, maybe Hebrew but it doesn’t quite match any of the pictures I have found so far.


4 responses to “Glow Worm Survey

  1. Looks like a Double Square-spot (Xestia triangulum) to me Malc. I’ve not seen Glow-worms for years. They used to be in Savernake but can’t remember where now. Also along the K & A canal towpath between the Caen Hill flight and Foxhangers.

    • Hi Steve,

      Have had a look and looks like you are right again. There are so many to look through. Tis a nightmare.
      I think Glow worms are like anything else. Look in the right place at the right time and you will see them.

  2. Bob Philpott

    Malcolm, I think you are right about looking in the right place. Last night my section was the old canal south of the gateway and we got 3 but we had walked 90% of the canal before finding these. Had it not been a survey I suspect I would have given up well before reaching those. There must be an element of luck or persistence. Bob

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