Kingfisher please

The Kingfishers at Coate have bred successfully and are showing well so an early morning visit was planned. I arrived at around half-seven to find another birder already there and a Kingfisher perched in front of the hide. Great views were had and also later when the bird returned twice more. Also of interest weresightings of several large Carp that were swimming around in front of the hide. Two family groups of Moorhen were seen from the hide and apart from a single Common Tern very little else. A couple of Meadow Brown and three or four Ringlets were seen in the meadow.

2 responses to “Kingfisher please

  1. Superb shots Malc. I’ll have to get out there but will have to buy a hide key first [haven’t had one for a few years now!] Which hide was it showing from?
    I had 2 Purple Emperors today at the Column – at 4.45 pm! Didn’t think they’d still be so active so late! Didn’t come down low enough for a piccy however;o(

    • Thanks, I am fairly pleased with them. Have you seen the ones (not mine) on Steve’s site ( from the second hide. I was hoping to get to Savernake myself but won’t have a chance now till the weekend.

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