Some you can’t id.

I had a lot on at home today but managed to get over to Coate for a while later on in the afternoon. Not much around with a couple of Bullfinches and the same of Reed Warbler and Common Tern being the only birds of note. On the way back I stopped off at a flooded field near home. A few Pied Wagtails were seen and then a single wader flew up. From the short views I had I thought it may have been a Wood Sandpiper, it definitely wasn’t a Common or Green but I couldn’t confirm the id. It flew again briefly and landed in some long vegetation, not to be seen again. A Common Sandpiper was also seen. Maybe worth checking out any areas of flooding over the next few weeks.


2 responses to “Some you can’t id.

  1. cotswold water park bird sightingsBob Philpott

    Malcolm, Tend to agree on the last comment. I see there are quite a few wood sandpiper around the country Bob

    • wiltsbirder

      I think we will have to look in different places for waders if the water levels stay high at the regular haunts.

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