Sometimes it is worth it.

After loads of downland birding I fancied a change of scenery. With the recent south westerly winds the Severn Estuary looked promising with various seabirds having been driven in. A quick check on the local website showed that there had been good birds around. The weather forecast was dry after five with a bit of wind. All looking good so I rang Steve who was keen to give it a go. We left Swindon at five and arrived at Severn Beach around six. The tide, as expected was right out but coming in, surprisingly the weather forecast was wrong and it was raining hard. We parked the car with a view of the estuary and with the windows shut started scanning. One Shelduck and several Herring Gulls were all we could see. Another birder had arrived and was parked behind us. Steve then picked up a small black bird with a white rump, maybe House Martin? Just in case we got out the car and started scanning. The other birder came over saying “as you are both out in your t-shirts there must be something good” at that moment there wasn’t but then we picked the bird up again and realised it was a Storm Petrel. Fairly close and giving a good view. A life tick for myself and Steve. We didn’t see it again and with the weather closing in even more decided to head off. A quick stop at New Passage added Oystercatcher and Curlew to the list. So we did  a hundred miles driving and got wet and cold but it was well worth the effort. A place to be  visited more often.


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