Quail Surprise!

I needed to take the dog out early this evening, it was quite windy and there was a bit of rain in the air. So, I didn’t take my binoculars, or my coat. Will I ever learn? I guess not after all this time. Started with a couple of Corn Bunting singing, with one giving a display flight. A couple of Swifts passed low across the road. Then a Skylark flew up from close by and started singing. I stopped to watch and just caught a snatch of sound. Was that a Quail? Surely not in these conditions. I only go out for them on nice evenings. Heard again, definitely a Quail, retracing my steps and along the lane opposite, following the sound. I pinpointed it to a nearby uncut meadow and moved along with the bird. I reckon I got within about twenty feet of it but no sign. With binoculars? Maybe. Then it started to rain hard and that was it. I turned for home which was over half a mile away. Arrived back soaked to the skin but pleased. As I have said before, when you least expect!


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