Camarthenshire Birding

After a most enjoyable ride from the coast I arrived in at Gwenffrwd-Dinas RSPB reserve in the Camarthenshire mountains. This reserve is set in a spectacular location alongside the Afon Towy and consists mainly of Oak and Alder woodland. Although the afternoon is not the best time for a woodland walk I was hopeful of seeing the special birds of this area. From the car park a Spotted Flycatcher was seen and very soon after starting the walk around the reserve I was watching two male Redstart having a territorial dispute. This was closely followed by the sighting of a smart male Pied Flycatcher. Dropping down towards the river a Tree Pipit was seen.                                                                   Then, over the sound of the water I heard and saw a Dipper. Back in woods I saw more Pied Fly and Redstart, a couple of Nuthatch, and then the third of the hoped for birds, Wood Warbler. The first of around a dozen heard and seen. At one point I was sat listening to a Cuckoo calling, with Flycatcher, Redstart and Wood Warbler all in view at the same time. Obviously if you go to  certain habitat you will see certain birds but all the same it was very special. The rest of the circuit was more of the same with Song Thrush, Treecreeper and Greater Spotted Woodpecker also seen.  All that was left then was the long ride home. With sixty-six species seen and fourteen year ticks, another great trip.


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