More bush watching

Another visit to Twitchers at lunchtime. A few Terns around and I managed to confirm one Arctic amongst the Commons. A lone Wigeon was on the lake and a small group of Greylag Geese flew in. A Nightingale started singing from the scrub across the road but after ten minutes staring at a singing bush I gave up. I did see Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Sedge Warbler and Bullfinch while I was looking so not a waste of time. With the arrival of some cars it turned into a bit of a social event, nice to put some faces to names. With many eyes watching the bird count went up with Reed Bunting, Swallow, Swift, House Martin and Hobby seen. We all decided to head off to Waterhay to look for the Whimbrel. I embarrassed myself  by mistaking two Mallard for the Whimbrel (I did realise when they lifted their heads!), however the Whimbrel then flew in with four being seen. I then redeemed myself with calling an overflying Yellow Wagtail. No sign of the Wheatears that had been seen earlier, a bird I am yet to see at the Water Park. By now it had started to rain heavily so it was back to the cars and off home.


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