Great weather for birds.

At work this morning I started to receive texts and the a phone call about the mass influx of Arctic Terns at the Water Park this morning. It made it a long old day hoping they would still be around when I finished. Arriving at lake 74 I could hear Terns calling. There were a couple of locals at the screen watching. Between us we picked out a couple of Arctics amongst the Common Tern. No sign of the Black Terns or Little Gulls but was impressed by the number of Swifts. Three Little Egrets flew over battling with the wind and a Heron struggled across the lake carrying nest material. Then headed for the meadow next to lake 83 where a Whimbrel had been seen. For some reason this area attracts them every year. A quick look, on the way home at lakes 16 and 9 for Black Tern was fruitless. Not quite as successful as hoped but a worthwhile drive out. The contrast in the weather from yesterday evening could not have been more marked.

2 responses to “Great weather for birds.

  1. Malcolm, Interesting, I was there about 1300 by which time the sun came out and birds started moving away but I was pleased to find 1 swift so they must have come in later.

    • Hi Bob,
      They must have moved in when the bulk of the Terns left. Didn’t try and count them but would guess at least fifty.

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