Friday runaround

A bit of a busy afternoon as I had to collect the motorbike after it’s MOT and later on take my daughter to the doctors. Also I needed to do a bit of shopping. After collecting the bike I went home for some lunch and then headed for Wroughton via the small lake at Southleaze. This lake has been quite good for waders over the last couple of years. Unfortunately the rain this week has raised the water levels enough to cover all but a small amount of the muddy margins. There was one Green Sandpiper and a Moorhen plus quite a few hedgerow birds. After shopping in Wroughton I stopped for a quick look at Wroughton Reservoir. Probably one of the lesser watched areas of water in the area. There are usually a few waterbirds. Little Grebe seem to do well here with half a dozen not an unusual sight. Today though there was only one. An unexpected bird here today was a male Red Crested Pochard, a bird rarely seen away from the Water Park.    Next was the doctors and following this I decided that the dog needed a long walk at Liddington! I did the long circuit from Folly Farm, up onto the Ridgeway to the Castle and then back to the car. A very pleasant walk with the jangling song of Corn Buntings heard all around. As usual there were also plenty of Skylark, Yellowhammer, Linnet and Meadow Pipit seen. Leaving the Castle and walking along the western flank was again the best part, with five Ring Ouzels and at least ten Wheatear seen. So, another productive afternoon was had. Plan for tomorrow is an early start and with a few hours birding at the Water Park.

2 responses to “Friday runaround

  1. Michael Davis

    Thanks Malcolm. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog recently and thought I’d make the trip from Bristol to Liddington Hill yesterday to try and see my first ever ring ouzels. True to your description, we saw 4 on the western flank under the castle moving between the bottom hedgerow and a few hawthorns along the castle boundary fence. Brilliant! cheers Michael

    • Hi Michael,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog and really pleased that you came up here on the back of it and saw the Ouzels. Nice to know that it is some use other than just me rambling on.

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