A day at the seaside

A family day rather than a birdwatching day. However with the destination being Mudeford I was hopeful of seeing a few decent birds. Unfortunately that wasn’t how it turned out. Maybe because of the strong wind blowing from the land there were very few birds around. A small group of Turnstone, a few Oystercatchers, some Swallows and Sand Martins and a couple of Little Egret were the only things of note. I had been hoping to drive home via Hordle to have a look for the Rose Coloured Starling but we ran out of time. So, a nice day, a nice lunch at the Avon Cafe but not good for the birdies. If I am correct a first winter Herring Gull.

5 responses to “A day at the seaside

  1. I was there yesterday. There were plenty of Sandwich Terns and one Common. Did see a Whimbrel on Stanpit in the afternoon which was a bonus.

    • Hi Steve,

      You certainly picked the best day. I have looked at the CHOG website and it doesn’t look as if i missed anything.
      The three I thought I would get were Sandwich Tern, Med Gull and Purple Sandpiper.
      Still it wasn’t meant to be a bird trip and we had a good day. I don’t think much of the car park charges though.


      p.s, i tried replying to your e-mail but it kept faling

  2. Hi Malcolm
    I am down there regularly (at least once a month) but did plan on a trip over to the head but the weather on Saturday put me off and I decided to head to Keyhaven later. It certainly seemed quiet down there.


    • We go down as a family now and again. It’s so pleasant there. I have never had a proper birding session at Stanpit as I usually go to Keyhaven instead. Must get round to it sometime.

    • Hi Steve,

      Where did you see the Grasshopper Warblers today? I am hoping to get them at Knighton tomorrow morning.


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