Malc,the migrants and the bizarre!

Things improved dramatically after this morning’s damp start.  Lunch was taken in the far hide at Coate Water with Common Sandpiper, Grey Wagtail, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and many Blackcap seen on the way there. Also 21 Mute Swans which is, I think the most I have seen together at Coate. From the hide Swallow, House and Sand Martin were all seen and on the floodwater were four Lapwing and two Shelduck. After an hour at home I headed off to Liddington, no dog, just me and my flask. I parked by Folly Farm and headed for the west flank of the hill. Initially it was fairly quiet but then I picked out the first of at least four Ring Ouzels (3m, 1f) and also several Wheatear. I wasn’t able to count all of the Wheatear, the most that I could confirm was fourteen but I would estimate that there were more than twenty in total. There were also dozens of Meadow Pipits, several Linnet and Yellowhammers and also a few Corn Bunting and Skylark. I sat quietly on the hillside enjoying the solitude.

Right, now for the bizarre bit. There I was, sat quietly drinking my coffee on Liddington Hill when I heard the sound of ducks! I looked up to see two Ruddy Shelduck flying over, they headed across the field towards Folly Farm and landed on the roof of one of the barns. I watched them for a minute or so while they wandered around on the roof before they both flew off to the north. Definitely one of the strangest sightings I have ever had!

2 responses to “Malc,the migrants and the bizarre!

  1. You sure that was coffee you had in your flask;o) Your shot is just where I was watching a pair of Wheatears yesterday – and 2 Ring Ouzel at the top of the slope behind you!

  2. Richard Williams

    I did the same this evening, Malcolm: no flask and no ducks but 4 Ring Ouzels and I reckoned over 20 Wheatears which may the most I have ever seen together. Decent camera as well as the bins is the next step for me as I could have got some great shots this evening

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