This is my 100th post on this blog. Not bad in around three months. When I started this site I wasn’t expecting a great amount of people to be interested in my waffling. However, I have now had over 3900 hits and my daily average is around 40 views. So really this is just a quick thanks to you all for following me. I hope that I can keep the interest level up for a little while longer.

I left home around eight o’clock to find there had been a frost, a bit different to yesterday morning. A walk to Coate Water and back was ahead of me. As on previous mornings there were several Song Thrush and Chiffchaff singing. An interesting sighting was that of five Jays flying line astern, they were then joined by a sixth as they disappeared from view. I think this is the most I have seen together. Crossing open farmland there were plenty of Linnets with almost as many different plumages a birds. A Treecreeper was seen in the wood before the motorway bridge. First birds seen at Coate were a Green Woodpecker and my first Blackcap of the year. Considering the amount of birding I have done It is surprising that it has taken until now to see one. For most of the walk around the lake it was just the usual stuff with a calling Cetti’s near the boathouse being the highlight. On the flood water was the regular pair of Shelduck plus a Ruddy Shelduck. One or two of this species has been putting in irregular appearances for a couple of years now. It would be interesting to know where they spend the rest of their time. There was not much to be seen from the bottom hide, mainly thanks to a photographer, who not having bothered to get a permit decided the best place to be taking his pictures from was on the mud at the front of the hide. I saw him from four hundred yards away across the fields so no wonder the birds had cleared off. When I arrived at the hide he cleared off and eventually some birds returned, especially to the feeders that have been put in front of the hide by some of the locals. Thank you to I am guessing Graham and Tony. Along with many Great and Blue Tits the best visitors were a couple of Reed Buntings, a Pheasant and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

On the walk home the only additions to the list were Wren and Nuthatch.


One response to “100TH POST!

  1. Richard Williams

    HI Malcolm. We’ve not met but I love reading your blog. You epitomise what I have discovered fairly recently which is that if we walk or cycle around with our eyes and ears open we will experience a wonderful variety of wildlife, including birdlife, right here on our Swindon doorstep. Keep up the interesting prose and I look forward to bumping into you at a patch somewhere round here soon.

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