Liddington again

Place 2
And it won’t be the last after work visit although with the clocks changing on Sunday it will be nice to have a bit more light in the evenings. More evidence of migration again this evening with a large flock of Fieldfare feeding in the west-facing fields near the Castle. I reckon at least two hundred and fifty birds with several Starling amongst them. I thought that I picked out a Wheatear but unfortunately could not relocate it when I moved in for a closer look. One each of Buzzard, Pied Wagtail, Skylark and Corn Bunting were seen along with plenty of Meadow Pipits again. Quite a few of them were performing their display flight, always one of my favourites to watch. With the forecast good for tomorrow I am planning to go to work on the motorbike and then have a ride out in the afternoon. Destination unknown at the moment. One little extra that I forgot to mention from earlier in the week was a sighting from work of two soaring Buzzards being mobbed by five Herring Gulls. We get a fair few Buzzards using the uplift from the factory buildings and although the Gulls are discouraged from nesting I would think that they we prospecting the area for nest sites.


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