The New Screen at Twitchers

I needed to go to Cirencester after work and on the way back I stopped off at Twitchers Gate to check out the new screen. It is a nice addition and when completed in the near future will make watching from here more pleasant. As it was getting dark I didn’t have much time to scan the multitude of Gulls congregating on Lake 74. I have to admit I am not great on Gulls, I need to spend a lot more time watching them, ideally in the company of an expert. All offers gratefully accepted! Amongst the many hundred, very vocal Black Headed were a few Common Gulls. Also a fair few of Lesser Black Backed and Herring Gull. Although not completely sure I think I picked out a Yellow Legged Gull. As i said, more practice needed. I may well visit again in the next coupe of weeks. Still plenty of Waterfowl to be seen including plenty of Wigeon. Heading home past Waterhay, a mixed group of around sixty Greylag and Canada Geese were seen in a roadside field along with around twenty Wigeon.


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