Friday again

With some decorating to do birding time was restricted to eating my sarnies and having a shortish walk at Stanton Park. A quick look for the Little Owl as I drove in was unsuccessful, I am not aware of any sightings of them this year, it will be a shame if they have gone. Sitting in the car having my sandwiches gave me a chance to scan the treetops around the car park. Not much to see with  Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Mistle and Song Thrush and Wren along with numerous Blue tits. Plenty of activity on the feeders with Nuthatch, Coal and Marsh Tit added to the list. Along the line of the old railway were a couple of small groups of Long Tailed Tits and a flock of around twenty-five Redwing. Nearing the lake a Grey Wagtail flew over. Only birds of note on the lake were a couple of Goosander. Back to the car with twenty-six species logged. Then home to get on with the painting. With a visit to family in London and rain forecast on both days it may well be a poor weekend for birdwatching.


One response to “Friday again

  1. I was at Stanton photographing fungi a couple of days ago and the Redwing flock was in full, mass sub-song. A few individuals burst into full song too which was nice!

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