Birthday Birding

My wife’s birthday today and since we saw the forecast for today it was planned for the family including the dog to go to Mudeford for the day. From checking birdguides and the local websites I had seen that there were a few decent birds in the area so had thought that maybe a bit of birding could be done. My wife does enjoy seeing easy interesting birds. After an easy drive down we parked at Avon Beach. We started with a coffee by the car which gave me time to scan the sea. Almost immediately I picked out the one bird that I really wanted to see. A Long Tailed Duck which was a life tick. The views were distant but good. We walked along to the Quay to do some crabbing and I managed some closer views. No sign of the Slavonian Grebe although it had been seen. Next was lunch at the Avon Beach Cafe, another excellent and highly recommended eatery. All the better for being able to seawatch whilst eating at the outside tables. Amazing to be able to do so in the middle of February. After a pleasant walk along the promenade we returned to the car to head home. A quick stop was made overlooking Stanpit for a quick look for the Spotted Sandpiper. Unfortunately the tide was out and there was no time to scan a large area containing several hundred waders. A short stop at Blashford Lakes was worthwhile with great views had of a Bittern and a few minutes watching the extremely busy feeders at the Woodland Hide.

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