Last bird of the month

I had to drive over to Didcot this evening. Unfortunately, to get there on time I had to go on the M4 and A34. However, I was able to return on the quiet roads through Wantage and Ashbury giving the opportunity for a bit of Owl hunting. I struck lucky just to the east of Ashbury with a Barn Owl sitting on a roadside post. It obliged by staying put as I drove slowly by. A nice bird to finish a good month of birding. This is another new Barn Owl site for me. I really must make an effort to list of all the places I have seen them.

3 responses to “Last bird of the month

  1. I’m sure others might appreciate seeing your list, Malcolm.
    Would it be safe to put on internet?

  2. Hi Malcolm and apologies ! I read you on my iPod and now I’ve looked more closely I find date at bottom of blog so now I’m really pleased
    and embarrassed!! Hey ho…..

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