First thing at Coate

Managed to get up early this morning and I was in the far hide at Coate for eight o’clock. No sign of the hoped for Water Rail, just the usual wildfowl although Teal numbers have increased with around 250 present. Next it was along to the main lake to look for the Bittern. My previous directions were done from memory, in actual fact the fourth fishing stand along from the causeway is best with the reedbed being directly opposite. Seventeen Goosander and two Little Grebe were seen and then, after about thirty minutes the Bittern showed, again giving excellent views as it moved amongst the reeds. A Kingfisher flew across my field of view finishing off a good early morning visit.

View from the fourth fishing stand. If you are lucky enough for the wind to blow the big white ball away you may well, with patience see the Bittern as this appears to be its favoured area.

Good luck.


5 responses to “First thing at Coate

  1. Felicity Cobb

    Thank you for making finding this bird easier than having no instructions.

    Great blog; very interesting and informative.

    • Hi Felicity,

      Thanks for the comment. Nice to know that someone is taking time to look at my ramblings. Also good to know that it has been helpful.
      How long did you have to wait before you saw it?

      A diary is the only thing I can do as Steve has first call on the sightings side of things.


  2. We were the couple that you guided to where the Bittern was today. Just after you left it actually swam across a clearing in the reeds. To say that we were both extremely pleased would be an understatement, we would probably have missed it if you hadn’t help us. A very big thankyou from both of us.
    Mike and Sandi Cummings

    • Hi Mike and Sandi,

      My pleasure. It is always good to find birds yourself but sometimes it isn’t possible.
      Bittern is always a good bird but to have one locally is even better.


    • Sorry I forgot to say thanks for looking at my blog site.
      It is nice to know that people are interested in my ramblings.

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