Bird whenever you can

Friday afternoon again and off to Marlborough to collect my new glasses. All done in less than half an hour so off to the chippie to get my lunch. Bins are in the car so drive to Ogbourne St Andrew to eat and birdwatch. Not so easy while eating chips but good views of three Tree Sparrows in a mixed flock of farmland birds. Then it’s off to Wroughton to collect my daughter. Red Kite and Bullfinch en route. An hour at home and then on the road again, heading for London to visit my mum.

Saturday morning, crisp and clear and no time for birds. Just the usual screeching Parakeets flying around. Horrible birds that should be culled. Don’t ever wish for them to establish a population in Wiltshire. Arrive home mid afternoon in time for a quick visit to Liddington Hill. No Owls today and can’t say I blame them. The wind chill must be about -3, freezing.

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