Searching for Owls

Mid afternoon saw myself and Steve heading for Liddington Hill hoping for Short Eared Owl.  I have been visiting this area for many years and can actually scan the hillside from the bedroom windows at home. A couple of recent sightings of SEO ‘s had bought us here so with full flasks we started scanning. A couple of people walking their dogs around the Castle disturbed a couple of Buzzards. As they wheeled around the Castle another bird flew up and started mobbing them. Amazingly it was an SEO, then another flew up and joined the first, both hassling the Buzzards. Target bird seen within ten minutes! We decided to change location and made our way to the top of the hill. A peek over the top of the earthwork and an Owl was seen. We made our way to the Trig Point and watched an Owl quartering the rough grass of the Castle. Another was found hunting along the Ridgeway. A call from Steve of “Harrier” and the bird was seen to land in the middle of a field. We both moved to our scopes but in those few seconds the bird disappeared so we could only note ‘probable Ringtail Hen Harrier. Anyway a successful session and only five minutes from home.

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