A walk at Coate Water

Alarm went off at seven as the plan was for a walk from home to Coate and back. However as I was tired after picking up my wife from a Christmas do at 01.30 I didn’t  get up till eight. So I drove to Coate and walked around. It was pretty cold with some ice on the lake. first stop was the Tawny Owl roost tree but no sign of the bird. Grey and Pied Wagtail were seen and then two Treecreepers moving along with a small flock of tits. Near to Nightingale Cottage a Marsh Tit was heard along with a couple of Nuthatches, one of which was seen. Next were two Goldcrests and a Common Gull on the lake. From the first hide eight Goosander were seen and from the second around 40 Teal and a few Gadwall and Shoveler. A dozen or so Cormorants and half that of Herons were in the trees. Continuing around the fields to the east of the lake a good number of Fieldfare and Redwing were moving around. Bullfinch was heard and a Snipe flew up as I walked across the dried out flood water area. Arriving back at the car with a satisfying total of 51 species seen and heard.

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