A hard choice

I left work early today as I had an appointment at the dentist. Having a few minutes spare I dropped in at Moulden Hill CP. Not a regular site for me. Fairly quiet with just a few Mallard, Black Headed Gulls and Moorhen. Then an inconsiderate dog walker sent his two dogs into the lake right where I was watching from, however he suddenly became my best friend as the dogs sent a Water Rail flying out of the reeds. Amazingly the first I have seen in Wiltshire this year.


My choice this evening, stay in and play with wordpress or take advantage of the moonlit evening and go looking for Owls.

No competition really so out to the car and head towards Marlborough. Turning off the main road towards Rockley and good views of a Barn Owl, initially on a fence post and then flying. Two Tawny Owls heard calling at Rockley. Onto Manton and great views of a Barn Owl flying and perching, I even managed to get a couple of photo’s. Heading back to the main road and a Tawny Owl was seen perched in a tree above the road. No more Owls seen after this but also saw four Hares so all in all a great choice.


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